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What is PVC? What harm does PVC do to human body?

What is PVC? What harm does PVC do to human body?

In short, PVC is the abbreviation of PVC material. It is a material made of PVC resin as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of modifier and other processes such as mixing, calendering and vacuum blistering.

PVC itself is a fragile and fragile material. Adding plasticizers such as DEHP can increase its flexibility and make it into a soft membrane material. DEHP is a plasticizer in plastic additives for_ The plasticity and flexibility of plastics and the fluidity, film removal and surface smoothness during processing and forming. However, due to the influence of temperature, collision and other factors, DEHP is very easy to be separated out of plastic support products automatically.

FDA apparatus and radiation health research center and China Toxicology Program_ The team announced that DEHP is a huge poison that can release this sex hormone. Some individuals, such as male infants and pregnant women, can pass through_ The environment, such as medical appliances, is exposed to a large amount of DEHP, resulting in reproductive system dysplasia. Therefore, countries began to pay attention to and prohibit DEHP from being used as plastic plasticizer. At the same time, PVC is not easy to decompose and produces dioxin after combustion. They are volatile in halogen and oxygen, but they are insoluble in halogen and dioxin.