Plastic Bottles

Matters needing attention in plastic mold processing

Matters needing attention when processing plastic molds: 1. The shrinkage coefficient of each material is different. The plastic mold must have a reasonable shrinkage force, and the plastic mold must have sufficient rigidity. Otherwise, the product will be deformed when the mold is clamped and pressed. Or cause product burrs, if the injection molding machine thimble page can be set while the mold is opened, but some injection molding machines do not have this function. Choose a reasonable multi-mode method, choose a reasonable top layer position, and ensure that the product will not be damaged during the ejection process with the quantity, the cooling time in the plastic mold, and the product size, shape, plastic properties, pressure holding time and other factors.


   The plastic mold should choose a reasonable exhaust position and quantity control, otherwise it will cause dissatisfaction during plastic injection molding, the product is short of glue, the plastic mold, and the injection molding machine fixing method should be reasonable, reliable and firm to prevent displacement during mold closing. Accidents, the above are the matters needing attention in the production of plastic mold processing.