Plastic Bottles

Blow molding of plastic beverage bottles is an important step

How to blow molding? How are plastic beverage bottles made? Bottle blowing mold is a very important part of plastic beverage bottle blow molding. The improvement of various functions of bottle blowing mold has far-reaching significance for all plastic beverage bottle industries.


First of all, the manufacturing of bottle blowing mold now selects steel. We all know that the cost of steel is very high. If a manufacturer needs to manufacture a new bottle blowing mold in order to blow a new bottle, it often needs to pay a high cost. If we can find cheaper bottle blowing mold manufacturing materials, it will greatly reduce the production cost of plastic beverage bottles. Secondly, the life of the bottle blowing mold, which needs to be blown in a high-temperature environment. Therefore, the production life cycle of many bottle blowing molds is not long. Extending the application cycle of bottle blowing molds is also a useful way to reduce costs. Finally, the first mock exam can produce the first mock exam, but the bottle number is much more challenging.

In general, at that time, the production technology of plastic beverage bottle blowing mold has reached a high level, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Improving any function of the blowing mold will greatly improve the production of plastic beverage bottles.