Plastic Bottles

Will pet plastic bottles be replaced by petg bottles?

PET plastic has the characteristics of light weight, high transparency, impact resistance and not easy to break. It can also block carbon dioxide gas and keep soda water "gas". Due to its light weight, good preservation, and the technical trend of emphasizing heat resistance and pressure resistance, PET plastic bottles have become the mainstream of drinking packaging today. Many beverages that require high temperature sterilization to be filled, such as flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc., are also packaged in PET bottles, and PET bottles have become the main packaging materials for beverage products. Due to its low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles are gradually replacing traditional packaging materials in today's rising awareness of environmental protection. With its environmental protection, pressure resistance and other functions, it has recently replaced various PVC bottles, bags, aluminum cans, iron cans, glass bottles, etc., and has become a packaging material with growth potential.


       Although the raw material price of PETG is more expensive than that of PET, it feels that the hardness, smoothness and post-processing ability of the product are stronger than that of PET. The application of PETG in some lighter bottles and cosmetic products will have advantages over PET, but why does PETG not appear? Replacing PET?


       It is believed that PETG will not replace PET plastic bottles. Looking back on history, we will find that the earlier the polymer materials appear, the less likely it is to be replaced. For example, the early phenolic resin, nylon, PVC, etc., are very vigorous. This has a certain scientific principle. The earlier it is invented, it often means that the synthesis process is simple and the raw materials are abundant and easy to obtain. Although there will be deficiencies in performance, as long as it is not an essential defect, it is difficult to be replaced. Take PVC as an example. There are so many shortcomings, and the total output is still among the best. In some fields, such as the cable industry, it is gradually replaced by EPDM rubber, but some new industries will try to use it, so from this point of view , It is not easy for PETG to replace PET; in terms of product properties, PETG has limited advantages compared to PET, and it is not a cross-generational change, and its impact on PET is limited.